Featured on the Channel 4 trailer
for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, The Superhuman Band bring you the toe-tapping
Yes I Can

Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly talented musicians from all around the globe and cast through extensive online research the track encapsulate the superhuman spirit.

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what ya think?!? HE RATHER SHØULD SING?! 🙏🏻😏😮 @flostielper . . #WontYouComeHome #SUPERHUMANS

1 second after @michelleobama, @barackobama, & @andradaymusic laughed at me for thinking I would actually be blocking them in this shot. #whenbeingshortpaysoff. I may just make this my holiday card 😇. . . #happyholidays #superhumans #ob

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"As much as I was discovering that this 100km ultra-trail thing was the realm of superhumans, I was also reminded a… https://t.co/eeb6flhcWl

Wow! Imagine watching Peppa Pig and thinking how adults will interpret the apparent efficiency of a doctor. I suppo… https://t.co/4ZAiAHb1yF

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Una vez me dio por ponerle claspectos de Homestuck a lo random a los personajes de Superhumans y fue bastante entretenido tbh

Lees Jim Kozubek "We won’t engineer superhumans any time soon." over evolutie en genetica van IQ en psychiatrische… https://t.co/SxQYDpQM7w

Oye que yo también te noticeo los SuperHumans :-( https://t.co/zCGNUmjrsH