Featured on the Channel 4 trailer
for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, The Superhuman Band bring you the toe-tapping
Yes I Can

Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly talented musicians from all around the globe and cast through extensive online research the track encapsulate the superhuman spirit.

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In addition to the staple 7:30am classes on Tues Thurs Fri MVMTLAB offers, as of April 3rd I will be starting to teach GROUND CONTROL Classes Mon & Wed at 12pm and Thurs evenings at 6pm. So the name's pretty rad, but what exactly is it? I

Double Ironman Xabia. 7.6 km swimming, 360 km cycling and 84 km running non-stop.... Big thank you for @nickjonespix for the nonstop support and photography during the test!! #ironman #doubleironman #xabia #javea #7600mswimming #360kmcyclin

Something just like this.... 🎧 1...2...3..... Gute Laune 🌞 The Chainsmokers und Coldplay übermitteln mit "Something Just Like This" eine positive Botschaft. Die Menschen sollen aufhören an sich zu zweifeln und anfangen, ihre Stärke

T h a n k y o u | We did it legends! 💜@thestrengthtemple community has grown to 10,000 followers! Yeah it may not be mega numbers (yet) compared to some, but to imagine 10k of you awesome beings all together spreading good vibrations, le

Iván Tejero Vázquez arriving to Javea Port after swimming 7.5km... 360 km cycling and 84 km running to go... DOBLE Ironman XABIA Non-Stop.. Big thank you for @nickjonespix for the photos!!! #ironman #doubleironman #xabia #javea #triatlon

17.5 done, end of my first #crossfitopen I've learned in the grand scale of things I'm pretty shite at Crossfit 😂 #superhumans #alwaysnextyear 🙄😜

Transhumanism and SuperHumans: Global Pharma Pays $10,000 For Your Best Genes--Any Takers? (Video) https://t.co/TSU0qca31C via @YouTube

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I mean seriously. It's like they're tiny little superhumans. I want to ask if they trained in K'un-Lun or something.

I have traveled to the year 4098 CE. Things are so different here! Superhumans eradicated the patriarchy.

‘we’re The Superhumans’ is Second Most Shared Ads of 2016 - Columnist Brian Patterson shares h.

Epigenetics Around the Web: Avoid Craigslist for epigenetics advice; Engineering superhumans https://t.co/cJIergfIs7 via @NickfrmBoston