Featured on the Channel 4 trailer
for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, The Superhuman Band bring you the toe-tapping
Yes I Can

Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly talented musicians from all around the globe and cast through extensive online research the track encapsulate the superhuman spirit.

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We need more Male Voice Actors for @Superhumans__

#woman are superhumans⚛

@DRlVERSDIAZ What other 2010s blockbuster includes two superhumans in hand to hand combat while flying in the sky?

Existence of aliens and superhumans. The dark energy (red force). Existence of parallel universe and the simulation… https://t.co/e8oDnR15rl

Watching this, and how can these ladies not get tired?? They’re definitely superhumans https://t.co/X7uaEU5IHH

@AustralianOpen I'm loving this match. Davis and Halep are superhumans #AusOpen