Featured on the Channel 4 trailer
for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, The Superhuman Band bring you the toe-tapping
Yes I Can

Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly talented musicians from all around the globe and cast through extensive online research the track encapsulate the superhuman spirit.

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Uuuppsss occupied by a super human 😁 #superwoman #etetapete #superhumans #toiletart #toiletsview #viennanights #vienna #schnuffisontour #agirlisagirlisagirl #womandontcry #lamastattdrama #occupied

TABUELAN 226 3.8KM Swim, 180KM Bike, 42.2KM Run 💯 Conquered Cebu's longest and toughest race..... as a Youth Volunteer 😂 A very tiring yet very fulfilling job and to all the triathletes, you are a SUPERHUMAN. Congratulations! 💯

Forleden morgen red jeg Natja og hun var super glad - ørerne fremme og rigtig i hopla 😊 Jeg red uden sadel, så ambitionsniveauet var ikke på sit højeste, men hun rundede sig udmærket i alle gangarter. Ærger mig lidt over jeg red ba

Had a great time at @superleague.live this weekend. Met so many amazing athletes, @mikeohearn and @c.t.ali.fletcher, lifted among some strong ass people, one of them being @therock, and I didn't even know it at the time 😂😂. I'm lookin

Nada es casualidad, por muchas razones nos conocimos, hermanos del Alma los Amooooooo @frankzuluaga1 @dumarmma @tatianaugirardi @javierargel01 @psychotrainer #rochypower #desterrados #friends #forever #lovethem #ootd #fitnessmotivation #fit

Spent the last two years packing on the muscle and trying to get stronger, now I will spend the next 22 weeks getting as lean as possible before I step on stage again for the first time in two years. . . . #lift #Girlsthatlift #superhuman

It's so funny -- people act as if because you teach tai chi you should never be stressed or sick. Sorry. No superhumans teach the art. :)

@MarkOrmrod Best of luck #UKTeam 🍀 #Superhumans 💪🏻

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/C7FVchqqnc SUPERHUMANS MINECRAFT MOD | The Flash, Wolverine, Supergirl, Deadpool!!

We really need to train ourselves to be multi-task superhumans XDDD Have you voted for Asian Artist Awards yet? 1 v… https://t.co/grIqcxWOa3

contents of Concepción: 74% disquietude, 26% superhumans. https://t.co/t8rPLLcbWf

https://t.co/XMZGhfFuZn C4 - Meet The Superhumans - Paralympics 2012 ロンドンパラリンピックの時のcm パブリックエネミーの曲が使われてるんだけど、超かっこいい。